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Just ramblings about anything, maybe what's going on in THE world, MY world, or my head.
Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Willie Lynch-Part 2
Thank Don Mega for reminding me what I'm here for.


It was the interest and business of slave holders to study human nature, and the slave nature in particular, with a view to practical results. I and many of them attained astonishing proficiency in this direction. They had to deal not with earth, wood and stone, but with men and by every regard they had for their own safety and prosperity they needed to know the material on which they were to work. Conscious of the injustice and wrong they were every hour perpetuating and knowing what they themselves would do. Were they the victims of such wrongs? They were constantly looking for the first signs of the dreaded retribution. They watched, therefore with skilled and practiced eyes, and learned to read with great accuracy, the state of mind and heart of the slave, through his sable face. Unusual sobriety, apparent abstractions, sullenness and indifference indeed, any mood out of the common was afforded ground for suspicion and inquiry. Frederick Douglas LET'S MAKE A SLAVE is a study of the scientific process of man breaking and slave making. It describes the rationale and results of the Anglo Saxons' ideas and methods of insuring the master/slave relationship. LET'S MAKE A SLAVE "The Original and Development of a Social Being Called "The Negro." Let us make a slave. What do we need? First of all we need a black nigger man, a pregnant nigger woman and her baby nigger boy. Second, we will use the same basic principle that we use in breaking a horse, combined with some more sustaining factors. What we do with horses is that we break them from one form of life to another that is we reduce them from their natural state in nature. Whereas nature provides them with the natural capacity to take care of their offspring, we break that natural string of independence from them and thereby create a dependency status, so that we may be able to get from them useful production for our business and pleasure
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Sunday, July 20, 2008
Black men and the magical hip inducing love wand...
Okay so my mom, my daughter and I were in Olive Garden on Friday...Olive Garden and their all you can eat soup, salad, and breadsticks are the biznizz! But that's another post. Anyway, the person who seated us was a white chick right, so she seats us, was very cordial, tells us our server will be with us shortly (what up Tim! Packers fan...but I forgive him that) anyway she turns around and bitch got booty! bitch got hips! Now for a white girl for sho' this ain't normal, but now a days it's becoming more common. And I'll tell you why in a minute.

So my mom says, "where did she get that butt from?" I replied, "she dates brutha's." My mom says, "Do you know her, and what does that have to do with who she dates?" I said, "No I don't know her, but only a Black man can shape a woman like that." Tell me it ain't the truth. Now genetically if you are mean't to be skinny and hipless there is no amount of chocolate dipping stick that's going to get you hippified. But, let me tell you if it's in you to be built that way, the ONLIEST (ya'll diggin' my made up words huh?) way to get them hips a poppin' is by lettin a brutha do his thang. Period.

You see bru's are rhythmic with their shit...They move from side to side, they go up and down, they pull it out just enough not to fall out and push it back in deep enough to make you wince...just a little. Black men are sexual artists, they create masterpieces. You don't need a tattoo with tyrone, daquan, jamal, or darnell's name on it, they are going to leave their marks in the form of hips, dips, and curves.
Now I must admit, I don't have any other race of man to compare a Black one to.

I'm like a 7-up commercial when it comes to other races...never had it, never will. Why?

All of these white chicks walking around with hips, is directly due to that old Black magic. Yeah I know some of ya'll are going to scream hormones in the meat, but I'm sorry, hormones in the meat don't go straight to the hips and ass, hormones in the meat is an overall effect. Hips and ass are the result of a brother that's hitting it just right. Maybe there are some white boys who have mastered the art of sexual sculpting, but I've seen enough porno's to know that if THEY are the professionals I can only imagine what the common place white boy does. On every flick I've seen with a white boy on it they look like jackrabbits trying to be the first to finish...huh?

They have absolutely no rhythm, no prowess...just bang, bang, bang. All that shit will give you is a sore pus-pus, a tilted uterus and muthafuckin' osteoporosis. Why do you think only Asians, and Caucasian woman mostly suffer from brittle bones and dementia? The white boys and Asians ain't fuckin' em, they're fuckin' 'em up!

Only a brutha can lay on you, cup your head in his hands one minute and make good love to you, and the next minute have you on your knees gently pulling your hair asking you what his muthafuckin' name is, haha! and a bitch can probably spell it backwards! Ask my hubby, I think I can spell his first, middle and last backwards.

So anyway if ya'll disagree with me...I don't give a fuck! I speaketh the truth on my shit. And with that I'm out...I got biniz to tend to, I think my hips are getting flat!

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Thursday, July 17, 2008
WILLIE LYNCH...The making of a slave...Part 1
There are six parts to this speech every few days I will publish one part...If you don't read anything else...Read this...and have the people on your blog read this...even if you have to post it yourself. Really it's time again.

I must add that although I'm sure a lot of you have heard of, read, or have knowledge of this speech. I brought it up because the Don Mega made a very good point on his blog concerning the incident with Jesse Jackson saying some unsavory things about Senator Barack Obama. This is what this post is derivative of. Could it be we've ran 100 miles and are still stationary? Have we moved forward?


"Gentlemen. I greet you here on the bank of the James River in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twelve. First, I shall thank you, the gentlemen of the Colony of Virginia, for bringing me here. I am here to help you solve some of your problems with slaves. Your invitation reached me on my modest plantation in the West Indies, where I have experimented with some of the newest and still the oldest methods for control of slaves. Ancient Rome's would envy us if my program is implemented. As our boat sailed south on the James River, named for our illustrious King, whose version of the Bible we Cherish, I saw enough to know that your problem is not unique. While Rome used cords of wood as crosses for standing human bodies along its highways in great numbers, you are here using the tree and the rope on occasions. I caught the whiff of a dead slave hanging from a tree, a couple miles back. You are not only losing valuable stock by hangings, you are having uprisings, slaves are running away, your crops are sometimes left in the fields too long for maximum profit, You suffer occasional fires, your animals are killed. Gentlemen, you know what your problems are; I do not need to elaborate. I am not here to enumerate your problems, I am here to introduce you to a method of solving them. In my bag here, I HAVE A FULL PROOF METHOD FOR CONTROLLING YOUR BLACK SLAVES.

I guarantee every one of you that if installed correctly IT WILL CONTROL THE SLAVES FOR AT LEAST 300 HUNDREDS YEARS. My method is simple. Any member of your family or your overseer can use it. I HAVE OUTLINED A NUMBER OF DIFFERENCES AMONG THE SLAVES; AND I TAKE THESE DIFFERENCES AND MAKE THEM BIGGER. I USE FEAR, DISTRUST AND ENVY FOR CONTROL PURPOSES. These methods have worked on my modest plantation in the West Indies and it will work throughout the South. Take this simple little list of differences and think about them. On top of my list is "AGE" but it's there only because it starts with an "A." The second is "COLOR" or shade, there is INTELLIGENCE, SIZE, SEX, SIZES OF PLANTATIONS, STATUS on plantations, ATTITUDE of owners, whether the slaves live in the valley, on a hill, East, West, North, South, have fine hair, course hair, or is tall or short.

Now that you have a list of differences, I shall give you a outline of action, but before that, I shall assure you that DISTRUST IS STRONGER THAN TRUST AND ENVY STRONGER THAN ADULATION, RESPECT OR ADMIRATION. The Black slaves after receiving this indoctrination shall carry on and will become self refueling and self generating for HUNDREDS of years, maybe THOUSANDS. Don't forget you must pitch the OLD black Male vs. the YOUNG black Male, and the YOUNG black Male against the OLD black male. You must use the DARK skin slaves vs. the LIGHT skin slaves, and the LIGHT skin slaves vs. the DARK skin slaves. You must use the FEMALE vs. the MALE. And the MALE vs. the FEMALE. You must also have you white servants and over- seers distrust all Blacks. But it is NECESSARY THAT YOUR SLAVES TRUST AND DEPEND ON US. THEY MUST LOVE, RESPECT AND TRUST ONLY US. Gentlemen, these kits are your keys to control. Use them. Have your wives and children use them, never miss an opportunity. IF USED INTENSELY FOR ONE YEAR, THE SLAVES THEMSELVES WILL REMAIN PERPETUALLY DISTRUSTFUL. Thank you gentlemen."
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Sunday, July 13, 2008
If my blog homies were songs...
When I worked at Pac-Bell the work days would get pretty boring so we would do crossword puzzles and play games. Well one of the games we used to play is, if you were a movie, by title, which movies would you be. Like I had a lesbian co-worker and her movie name was kiss the girls (you know I made that one up) so since you guys seem to me like music fans, and I've been on a music kick, I'm going to give each of my blog homies a song that seems to fit their character, as I know it. And please feel free to label people who visit your blog with a song because I'd really love to see it. aight? here goes.

Kyle from the 12th- One Mic...Nas-

all I need is one mic, one beat, one stage One nigga front, my face on the front page Only if I had one gun, one girl and one crib One God to show me how to do things his son did

I picked that song, because first it's the absolute shit, second if you remove the violence from it, you basically get Kyle, one girl, one family, one love, anything else fuck it if it don't work for Kyle. That's the way it should be.

Eb the Celeb- Movin' On...Brandy-

I be a typical kind of girl
Wasting my time
That ain't my style
See I'd rather be occupied
Always trying to keep my mind

Pointing to a higher place
I can have anything I want
I been told the day I was born
So I make sure everyday
That I don't let nothing hold me back
Got to be on track I gotta move

Ya'll tell me that ain't Eb...

Torrance- Easy...The Commodores...

Why in the world, Would anybody put chains on me?
I've paid my dues to make it
Everybody wants me to be, What they want me to be
I'm not happy when I try to fake it!

The fact that he seems very much in control of his life and destiny, starting your own business is the ultimate fruit of paying dues. And I've read the way he handles naysayers on his blog, no sweat jones (I hope I used that term correctly)...Basically, easy.

Rich (See man I told you I wasn't going to forget about you)- I wanna be Rich...Rich Calloway.

I want money lots and lots of money
I want the pie in the sky
I want money lots and lots of money
So don't be asking me why

This is an older song, I believe from the
80's but everytime I think of Rich I think of this song. So when you get rich think of me...Aight?

Afro- Fabulous...Jaheim-

Don't hate on us we're fabulous

The hook reminds me of how fabulous Afro is, and when he gets his Phd on how fabulous he's going to be.

Don Mega- Must be nice...Lyfe Jennings-

Even when your hustling days are gone
She’ll be by your side still holding on/Even when those 20’s stop spinning
and all those gold-digging women disappear
she’ll still be here

I don't even have to explain this one. Remember it's about more than tits and teeth...

LadyShay- Runnin' out of time...Da Brat ftr. Kelly Price- Your song will change soon. But the way she put it is just gangsta...

I need a nigga with an attitude, maturative mind
Give me gratitude when I'm giving him shine
No matter who the bastard was I was passed his love
But he never ran fast enough
I'm a master at the craft cause I roll with some master thugs
Laughin' as I pass you up
Should've told me that you wanted to get ass and f**k
I would've set it up so we all had some fun

F$%CK It- Part time Sucker...Krs-One-

Among thousands and thousands of very good mcs
A poet will flow like the breeze
Like the wind, air is all around us
From what I hear, its a good thing you found us

Krs-One and bdp have ALWAYS been my number one East Coast rappers. They exude knowledge and common sense, and have a hell of a way with words...reminds me of you.

Swag- Treat her like a lady...The Temptations-

When I was young, my mama used to say, Boy
A woman's like a flower, with love on her you shower
Ever since that day, her words never went away
I always will remember to treat my baby tender

Ne-yo didn't invent the year of the gentlemen...He was born 25 years ago.

Trouble- Trouble...Twista-

I, want, my, dough
Or it's gon' be trouble, somebody let them niggaz know
I, want, my, dough
Or it's gon' be trouble, somebody let them niggaz know
I, want, my, dough
Or it's gon' be trouble, somebody let them niggaz know
I, want, my, dough
Or it's gon' be some trouble

Since you're out there grindin' for your paper...I thought this was perfect!

lena- My Life...Mary J. Blige-

Life can be only what you make it
When you're feelin down
You should never fake it
Say what's on your mind
And you'll find in time
That all the negative energy
It would all cease

And you'll be at peace with yourself
You won't really need no one else
Except for the man up above
Because He'll give you love

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Must see's, must reads and must be heards ...

* DVD: The Drop Squad, love who you are, or get a visit from the drop Squad
* Lessons, Author, yours truly, a little manual to get your mind right about those men. If you would like a free copy let me know at
* Why Black People Tend to Shout, Ralph Wiley, Humor and truth in a paperback
* Queen of the Scene, Queen Latifah, A book your little tomboy would thoroughly enjoy, comes with a CD of the Queen reading her book
* I love my hair, Author uknown, perfect for a little black girl struggling with self image, beautifully written and illustrated
* Girls hold up this world, Jada pinkett Smith, the perfect book to read your daughter
* I know why the caged birds sing, Maya Angelou, the timeless classic of perserverance

Sunday, July 6, 2008

God Bless America

I live in Sacramento Ca. and we are on the verge of getting a black mayor{Kevin Johnson{ yeah the b-ball player} He was born and raised here he wants to make to city better. About dam time!

Big up to The William's sister's for winning Wimbledon Big ups to Venus for wining the sings trophy

Big ups to OBAMA for running for President can I get a witness?
Time for a change and I believe he will do it.

Women of color account for 79 percent of all new infections among women 13 to 19 years of age, and 75 percent among women 20 to 24 years of age.
Among all HIV cases in people 13 to 19 years of age, women of color account for 50 percent of them.
In 2002, AIDS was the leading cause of death among black women 25 to 34 years old.
It’s obvious that women are being impacted by HIV at an alarming rate. But why is this? If HIV does not discriminate, how can these statistical differences be explained? The sad truth is that women are more vulnerable to HIV infection in many ways.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Aint that a BITCH! The police offiors That shot and Killed Sean Bell in Nyc were found not GUILTY on all charges. The man was leaving his Bacholar party and was gunned down by the people that was to protect him. This is some bullshit, I bet if I put 50 bullets in a human being I would get the death sentence. I have three teenage sons I'm not worried about any gangs, damn police are letal Rodney King now Mr. Bell
All I can say to my brothers in ny you niggas better watch your backs.